Why Choose Diminished Value Report

Our Calculator is the most accurate available today:

DiminishedValueReport.net uses the information you have provided about your vehicle and the repairs made to that vehicle. This data and the value that you found at NADA gives us the framework for determining the difference in value. And at this point we are different from other diminished value opinions because when you enter the data from your estimate or repair bill, which we call Collision Repair Key Value Modifiers, the calculator will analyze each value individually. This analysis uses separate formulas for each type of repair charge. Frame repair has a different value from body repair, parts have a different value than glass labor, 2 aftermarket fenders have a different value than 2 original equipment fenders and so on. To put it plainly, these formulas account for the differences in value modification. Then all the differences yielded by those calculations are added together to provide the total diminished value assessment amount.



Unlimited use for the time period of your choice:

When you set up a membership with DiminishedValueReport.net you have unlimited access to our calculator for the time period of your choice. This means you can use the calculator and other membership benefits as many times as you need for length of that subscription. And if you think you made an error with your report then simply log in and create a new report. You can also take advantage of our “any car any owner policy. That means you can input data on any vehicle for any owner. As many as you would like!



Get your report instantly:

The difference with DiminishedValueReport.net is that you will get a report immediately! There is no wait! After you input the important data about your vehicle and the repair you will be asked to verify and continue, you will then receive the statement of diminished value. And this part of the system is also user friendly: if you feel you have made an error simply choose whichever step you need to change and change it. Its that easy!


Your membership has benefits:

  • Unlimited use of the diminished value calculator!
  • You can take advantage of our “any car any owner” policy!
  • Sample claim demand letters.
  • Claim your cash negotiating procedure!
  • Use of the most sophisticated diminished value calculator available!
  • Confidence that you are partnering with a company that cares, knowing that 10% of all profits go to Compassion International.

Your Privacy is our duty:

The collision repair industry is driven by companies selling and buying information to provide services that are later sold to consumers and businesses alike.  At DiminishedValueReport.net your information is completely secure. In addition to our website being securely hosted, we want you to be aware that we will never sell or allow your information to be given to any other person or business entity. We value your patronage and consider your privacy as our duty. Please click here to read our full privacy notice.



We are ready to help you make your claim today!


QUICK CALCULATORInstantly Find Out How Much You Have Lost $12

Use our Diminished Value Quick Calculator to determine your loss instantly! With the information provided by your repair estimate you will be able to see your exact loss in value displayed on the screen. If you decide to not leave the money on the table you can choose from the two options below to claim your loss!

39 option 1Option 1

For $39 you will have unlimited access to the Diminished Value Calculator for 10 days + be able to download your sample collection letter + download your copy of our Claim Your Cash procedure. This will help guide you with all the necessary steps to getting paid!

Option 289 option 2

For $89 you can use the hands free approach to making a diminished value claim! We will calculate your diminished value, prepare a professional report, write your collection letter, and give you a step by step guide to collecting your cash! With this option you will need to provide us with a copy of your estimate, a list of vehicle options, your home address, telephone numbers to reach you and also an email so we may send you the package.





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