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Quick Calculator

Here’s how it works – In Step 1 you first determine the pre-loss value of the vehicle with NADA. Then in Step 2 use your final repair estimate to input dollars values. When the total of your estimate is correctly displayed in the blue box hit Verify and Continue and your diminished value loss will be displayed.







QUICK CALCULATORClick here to choose the Quick Calculator $12. With the information provided by your repair estimate you will be able to see your exact loss in value displayed on the screen. If you decide to not leave the money on the table you can choose from the two options below to claim your loss





39 option 1For $39 you will have unlimited access to the Diminished Value Calculator for 10 days + be able to download your sample collection letter + download your copy of our Claim Your Cash procedure. This will help guide you with all the necessary steps to getting paid!





89 option 2For $89 you can use the hands free approach to making a diminished value claim! We will calculate your diminished value, prepare a professional report, write your collection letter, and give you a step by step guide to collecting your cash! With this option you will need to provide us with a copy of your estimate, a list of vehicle options, your home address, telephone numbers to reach you and also an email so we may send you the package.