About Us

About Us

DiminishedValueReport.net is an internet service owned and operated by The Providence Group of Companies LLC.  Alan Wesley Conner, the owner of The Providence Group of Companies LLC.,created DiminishedValueReport.net to provide the most accurate and user friendly diminished value calculator for today’s consumers, body shops, and insurance companies. DiminishedValueReport.net was created in September 2013. After two years of conceptual design, research and prayer the idea was refined and a few months later the software was developed.


Mr. Conner has over 27 years in the collision repair industry. He joined in his family’s collision repair business in June of 1986.  Through the years the Richmond based company has repaired more than 82,000 vehicles and counting. From receiving training by I-CAR  (Inter-Industry Conference on Auto Collision Repair) to hosting courses for I-CAR, he has personally performed every aspect of collision repair.  In the early years he assisted in the shop and eventually moved to management, then general management and finally ownership. After spending many years in collision repair, and while still helping in the family business,  he was invited to inspect a vehicle for John Cole Gayle Jr. The author of Virginia’s Lemon Law and founder of the Consumer Law Group, P.C.  Mr. Gayle represented a client that unknowingly purchased a vehicle with collision repairs. During that case Mr. Conner was asked to inspect the vehicle and evaluate the repair quality. And at the trial he was found to have sufficient credentials to qualify as an expert witness. For several years Mr. Conner provided more than 40 evaluations for consumers and appeared as an expert for cases in several counties in the state of Virginia.


Using his experience and knowledge of collision repair he was able to create a set of formulas that accurately determine the mathematical value of each component of the repair process.  By taking the dollar amounts paid for each component of the repair process (which are called key value modifiers) and inputting them into their respective formulas a partial value is then produced. The product of each of these formulas is then combined to create one final total value. That total value is a very accurate assessment of the diminished value.


The Providence Group of Companies LLC. Is a Christ centered business. Our goal is to provide a professional service that seeks to enable clients to recoup their lost value from an accident while honoring our faith in God. For more information about our faith in action please see our Charity page.



We are ready to help you make your claim today!


QUICK CALCULATORInstantly Find Out How Much You Have Lost $12

Use our Diminished Value Quick Calculator to determine your loss instantly! With the information provided by your repair estimate you will be able to see your exact loss in value displayed on the screen. If you decide to not leave the money on the table you can choose from the two options below to claim your loss!


39 option 1Option 1

For $39 you will have unlimited access to the Diminished Value Calculator for 10 days + be able to download your sample collection letter + download your copy of our Claim Your Cash procedure. This will help guide you with all the necessary steps to getting paid!

Option 289 option 2

For $89 you can use the hands free approach to making a diminished value claim! We will calculate your diminished value, prepare a professional report, write your collection letter, and give you a step by step guide to collecting your cash! With this option you will need to provide us with a copy of your estimate, a list of vehicle options, your home address, telephone numbers to reach you and also an email so we may send you the package.

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