Professionally Prepared Report How To

Professionally Prepared Report

Here’s how it works – By choosing to order option 2 you will be using the hands free approach and we will

1 – Calculate your diminished value


2 – Prepare a professional report


3 – Write your collection letter


4 – Provide you with a step by step guide to collecting your cash!


Our office can prepare this as a single package that is electronically sent by email in one business day. With this option you will need to provide us with a copy of your final repair estimate, home address, telephone number and lastly an email so we may send you the package. Once you choose this option a payment screen will appear requiring a credit card payment and your information. After your payment is made we will send you a confirmation email and ask you to send your final repair estimate to so we may begin analyzing the information. Click below to begin making your claim!


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