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Okay, so you were in an accident and it wasn’t your fault. Well you might not be aware of this but in addition to the property damage on your vehicle you are also entitled to be compensated for the loss in your vehicle’s value after repairs are complete. Yep that’s right! The person that hit you and their insurance company is also on the hook for paying you for that part of the loss. Of course if you don’t make a claim you won’t see a dime! And some people might think you need to sell your vehicle to show how much value your vehicle has lost, but in fact you don’t! What you need is to have a careful and concise presentation of your loss in value. Specifically your diminished value. The diminished value will need to be quantified by the before value of your vehicle, the loss in diminished value, and then the new lesser value. In our industry this report goes  by several names: diminished value report, diminished value claim, or even diminished value assessment. The diminished value assessment, report or claim will allow you to put some numbers to your loss. It will help you show the insurance company how much value (money) you have suffered as a result of that collision (after quality repairs). We at want to give you the tools to claim your loss! We have spent time and energy designing a website that will assist you in making your claim!



We can help you make your claim today!


QUICK CALCULATORInstantly Find Out How Much You Have Lost $12

Use our Diminished Value Quick Calculator to determine your loss instantly! With the information provided by your repair estimate you will be able to see your exact loss in value displayed on the screen. If you decide to not leave the money on the table you can choose from the two options below to claim your loss!

39 option 1Option 1

For $39 you will have unlimited access to the Diminished Value Calculator for 10 days + be able to download your sample collection letter + download your copy of our Claim Your Cash procedure. This will help guide you with all the necessary steps to getting paid!

Option 289 option 2

For $89 you can use the hands free approach to making a diminished value claim! We will calculate your diminished value, prepare a professional report, write your collection letter, and give you a step by step guide to collecting your cash! With this option you will need to provide us with a copy of your estimate, a list of vehicle options, your home address, telephone numbers to reach you and also an email so we may send you the package.






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